Plasmapheresis Services

Our Nephrologists have been trained on providing plasmapheresis to treat many life threatening autoimmune diseases which may affect the kidneys, blood vessels, and even nerves.

How It Works

Plasmapheresis (also known as plasma exchange) involves separating out different components of a patient’s blood using a centrifuge or a plasma separator membrane. This allows removal of proteins or antibodies that may be causing harm. In its place, donated plasma or simply albumin (a protein found in egg whites among other things) is infused back. These treatments may be formed daily for a while or every other day for a period of time. Some patients may even require chronic plasmaphersis.

We will coordinate with the Tampa Bay Vascular Center to provide you with a temporary catheter or “port” through which the exchanges will occur. This will also be removed at the conclusion of the therapy.

Our physicians work closely with Florida Blood Services to provide and supervise this treatment as an outpatient and sometimes as an inpatient. We will work to coordinate your therapy at a hospital infusion center or other facility near you!