Nocturnal Hemodialysis Services

Nocturnal Hemodialysis (NHD) is another form of dialysis that aides in preserving patient autonomy.

This form of dialysis is not presently available for use at home. Instead, patients present to an outpatient dialysis center that is equipped for nocturnal hemodialysis patients. A patient will typically start their treatments sometime in the evening, and spend the night in a bed while sleeping and at the same time receiving their treatments for 7-8 hours. Accordingly, the treatments are completed sometime in the early morning hours.

Like traditional in-center patients, the treatments are performed three times weekly, via a fistula or dialysis shunt. But since the dialysis occurs at night, this enables patients to have days that are free for other activities, allowing them independence to work, attend school, engage in leisurely activity etc.

In addition to the lifestyle benefits already mentioned, NHD patients often report greater energy levels, appetite, and sense of well being due to the fact that they receive nearly twice as much dialysis as those on traditional in-center dialysis!

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