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Tampa Bay Vascular Center is now performing PD catheter placement.

Did you know that Dr Wesley Gabbard of Real Hypertension Center and Tampa Bay Vascular Center is now performing outpatient PD catheter placements? That’s right, if you are considering home based dialysis, Dr. Gabbard can place a PD catheter using a minimally invasive percutaneous’ technique. This technique offers many advantages in that it is performed entirely as an outpatient. Healing time is much faster as laparoscopy is not needed, and general anesthesia is not required!

2013 was a banner year for RHC’s “Urgent Start” PD program!

Renal Hypertension Center was among the first practices nationwide to successfully employ an Urgent Start PD program. Traditionally, a patient needs to wait up to 3 weeks in order to start PD as the newly placed catheter heals in the abdomen. Dr.’s Pudur, Brucculeri and Gabbard have collaborated to facilitate PD being started within 72 hours of catheter placement. We have worked closely with our partners at Fresenius, DaVita, and the Tampa Bay Vascular Center to develop a streamlined protocol for starting patients on this home based therapy. Dr. Gabbard has also championed the use of “buried” PD catheter s for prompt later use.

New Offices

Did you know that in 2013 RHC opened a brand new office adjacent to Largo Medical Center in the Diagnostic Clinic Building? We have also broken ground on new offices in St. Petersburg as well as Downtown Clearwater. Providing you with state of the art facilities is of paramount importance to us.