Kidney Stone Clinic

Passing kidney stones (also known as renal calculi) can be an extremely painful experience. Some patients form and pass multiple stones over their lifetime and are referred to recurrent stone formers. Furthermore, if retained kidney stones are obstructive in nature (blocking the collection of and flow of urine) they can lead to permanent kidney damage.

While Urologists will typically treat the stone in an acute setting (sometimes removing the stone with surgery, or performing lithotripsy), the Nephrologists at Renal Hypertension Center can perform a systematic evaluation in order to assess why a patient makes kidney stones to begin with.

Our physicians will order a series of urine tests to analyze the mineral content of the urine, and even exclude secondary causes of kidney stones. Metabolic conditions can lead to over production or over excretion of uric acid such as in gout, and hyperuricemia. Likewise, glandular problems such as hyperparathyroidism can also lead to kidney stones. In today’s age of bariatric surgery some patients can develop malabsorptive syndromes leading to kidney stone development.

Other patients may be deficient in natural inhibitors that prevent most people from forming kidney stones.

Based on our findings, your RHC physician will recommend dietary modifications, fluid intake modifications and perhaps even mineral supplements to help reduce the likelihood of stone formation and passage.

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