Inpatient Nephrology Services

Our Nephrologists make daily round in hospitals throughout the Tampa Bay area addressing a variety of acute patient needs in a consultative manner. Common referrals to our service include Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), uncontrolled hypertension, abnormal electrolytes, critical care management as well as the provision of plasma exchange and dialysis therapies.

A nephrologist is a doctor who treats patients with kidney problems, hypertension (high blood pressure), electrolyte disorders, who are on dialysis, or who have a kidney transplant. Once you have been diagnosed with a form of kidney disease, early referral to a nephrologist is important in preserving and protecting your kidney function.

Acute Kidney injury (AKI) is the term for worsening kidney function that occurs over a short period of time, from a matter of hours to a few weeks – but generally less than 3 months in duration. Our physicians are experts in ascertaining the cause of the kidney dysfunction, and in most cases can tailor a specific and individual treatment plan to reverse its course, restoring kidney function.

The kidneys perform numerous vital roles for your body. They filter and remove waste products from the blood, remove extra water from the body, and adjust levels of minerals, electrolytes, and chemicals in your body. Many medications you take are eliminated by the kidneys and may need to be dose adjusted for your degree of kidney function. Kidneys also produce hormones that help control your blood pressure and help your bone marrow make red blood cells.

When a patient’s kidney function is exceptionally poor while in the hospital setting, dialysis is sometimes required. Our doctors provide acute dialysis (which often may be reversible), as well chronic maintenance dialysis for those who receive this therapy as an outpatient.

Wherever you live in Tampa Bay, you can rest assured that Renal Hypertension Center has physicians ready to help you today.