In Center Hemodialysis Services

Our practice attends to most in-center hemodialysis units throughout the Tampa Bay area. Additionally, we also function in the capacity of the medical directors for 10 area dialysis centers.

One of the advantages to in-center dialysis is that no special training is required to have the procedure performed. The patient needs to arrive at the clinic at a specified time, and our expert nursing staff will take exceptional care of your dialysis related needs.

LMost patients receive hemodialysis three times weekly (either Monday/Wednesday/Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) for 3 to 4 hours per treatment. Dialysis related medications, vitamins and intravenous iron may be administered to you during the treatments.

Your Renal Hypertension Center Physician will make rounds at the dialysis clinic on a regular basis. Furthermore, one a month you will have a comprehensive review of your dialysis progress attended by your physician, dialysis nurse, social worker and dietician.

In order to perform the treatments safely and effectively, an AV fistula (Arterio-Venous fistula) is required. An AV fistula is a vascular shunt which will be created by a surgeon who works in tandem with our physicians and will be monitored in the Tampa Bay Vascular Center. Typically the dialysis nursing staff will cannulate or ‘stick’ the fistula with two needles enabling the blood to be pulled from the patient, cleaned, then returned to the patient. Many patients prefer to auto-cannulate or ‘self-stick’ though established button holes.

The buttonhole technique is a self-cannulation method which requires patients to insert their dialysis needles into the same spot each time they perform dialysis. This causes scar tissue to form at the insertion point and creates a tract, or hole, similar to the hole in a pierced ear. It generally takes three to four weeks for the hole to be created. Once the hole has formed, patients can use blunt dialysis needles instead of sharp ones. Blunt dialysis needles are more comfortable and safer to use.

If this form of dialysis interests you please call us today!