About Us

Our Mission Statement

Since 1982, Renal Hypertension Center remains committed to reducing the burden of kidney disease through university caliber patient care, stimulating innovative research, providing patient education and support, increasing public awareness and commitment to advancing kidney health.

We understand that convenience is important to you. With multiple offices spanning across the Tampa Bay area, Renal Hypertension Center has made a priority of delivering university level care in your community.

We are committed to providing evidenced based clinical care and conducting cutting edge clinical research. Accordingly we are able to provide high quality medical treatment to improve outcomes and quality of life for the patients entrusted to our care.

The long range goal Renal Hypertension Center is to treat, fight, and to prevent all forms of chronic kidney disease.

You will also find that the members of our staff work in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, which is the foundation for ever improving performance and professional growth.


Muralidhar K. Acharya, MD